Simon Duquennoy


Simon Duquennoy
photo by Joel Höglund
I am a Research Scientist at Inria (FUN group) and at SICS (NES group).

I work on enabling low-power IP connectivity for the Internet of Things. My focus is on networking for interoperable, dependable, and energy-efficient embedded systems (read more on my activity). I have published 30+ papers, including 4 ACM SenSys, 3 ACM/IEEE IPSN, 1 ACM TOSN, 1 ACM Emsoft. I also contribute to the Contiki OS as a developer and maintainer.

NEW! We are a looking for bright student to start a PhD on Dependability in the IoT with Short and Long Range Communication. All applications must be submitted online. The selection process has started in February and will end on May 1st. Early applications are encouraged. Do not hesitate to contact me!

Selected Publications

Other publications are available here.

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